Introducing Annie Dang, electric soul artist, and a formidable messenger of the arts. 

A voice which invokes an array of power, a distinct soulful sultry sound, and a taste of rock n’ roll. 

Singer Annie Dang immerses herself in all styles of soul, funk, and r&b. Her most significant inspirations were rooted from the sounds of early Motown and the 90’s R&B era, setting the platform for the soulistic pilgrimage she grooves on today. 

Ever present in her sounds are touchtones of groove, soul, and heart-provoking lyricism drawn from experiences and observations that engage and inspire audiences. 

Portland, Oregon has served as the platform for Annie's musical prowess. From her humble beginnings immersing herself in Portland’s raw underground music scene, she honed her craft on the guitar serving up raw ,defiant, grooving melodic tunes to open ears and hearts. 

 Annie Dang’s newest single Shake will get you charged up with its heavy brew of melodic groove and uptempo beat.The song’s smokey horn section and retro Latin tinged soul will surely have listeners up and moving to “shake it some more and more and more.” 

 Annie lets you know who’s boss when she belts ”Ain’t no time for talking, oh no, ain’t no time, take it to the dance floor and SHAKE!